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Kind words from past family law clients

Allentown, PA divorce lawyers

"Thank you ever so much for your representation against by soon to be spouse. The truth is finally coming out into the opening. You have accomplished the nearly impossible in overturning a decision into our favor against spousal support. It all just goes to show that you are awesome and I just want to show you my appreciation. Enclosed you will find two gift certificates for the A-1 Japanese Restaurant for you and your wife. Thanks again and God Bless You!!!!" Jonathan

"After going through this crap for two years, I thank all of you for helping me keep at least one of my testicles!"

"Thank you for the piece of mind you have given this past week by me obtaining my house without my future ex-wife around. I realize it is not over, but I am ready for the next round knowing you are on my side."

…"after dealing with the other lawyer for two years you are a God Send. We are so impressed by how professional and knowledgeable you are about matrimonial law. We both feel you have done more with Jeff's case in the past two weeks than his other lawyer did in the past two years. Also from Day 1 you have been up front with him about protocol and what to expect and most importantly, you've even returned his calls and addressed his concerns. (You can only imagine what this means to us)."

"These are just a few words to express our heartfelt thanks to you for all the incredible work you did for us with our custody and relocation. During the most trying time of our lives, you were a God Send and know you will never be forgotten. Thanks to you, our life in Chicago is great. Sammy is doing great in school, she is cheerleading and has made lots of new friends. We love our house and neighborhood and Kevin is doing incredible in his new job. Lance, you're a great person and incredibly gifted lawyer and we will always be grateful to you for your time and work in our case. As always, you went beyond and above your call of duty for us and our little girl. You will always be in our hearts and we wish you the best always. Sincerely Emma and Kevin"

"Thank you for all of your help and support through my custody battle. Your confidence and positive attitude in my case helped me stay strong through those weak moments. You were totally awesome in court. Your closing statement left me and my witnesses speechless. I'm glad you were on my side. Thanks again, Kelly"

"Attorney Gordon, thank you so much for all you did for me. You made a nightmare end happily. Never thought there would be a man to come up against a man like my husband with all his money and power. Guise he ain't so tough after all! Thank you for helping women like me from abusive marriages find a way out. It would never have been possible without your kindness and determination. Celeste and Jeanne were also so nice to me and really helped me a lot so thanks again for a great job! You be the man with lots of money and power! Congratulations!! Kathy"

"Lance, great job… You don't know how good I felt coming home a winner today. Thanks again. Tania"

"As much as ever, I want to personally thank you for outstanding representation that your faculty performed regarding my marital status. I never felt so secure and comfortable with an attorney as much as I have felt with your services. The receptionists are excellent and take their valuable time to assist me with getting any documentation prepared, answering reasonable questions unrelated to my representation, etc… I just can't thank you enough for everything that your firm is doing to assist me with proceeding towards a divorce. Thank You."

"Brian and I want to thank you for all your support and help in our child support case. You did a terrific job winning the case. If we ever need assistance in the future, we will be sure to give you a call. Again, our many thanks."

"Dear Lance, you are my own personal rainmaker. He thought he had the best but you proved him wrong. Thanks for the great settlement after 18 years of his control, it was great to make him play by the rules. Thanks again, Tracey, John, Jessica, and Nathaniel."

"Lance, Celeste and Staff, thank you for all that you have done for my son and myself. I can't possibly begin to express how much it's truly meant. Everyone was so caring and sincere. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Laura and Louis."

"Attorney Gordon, thank you for representing me during my divorce. You and your staff consistently provided professional, prompt, and empathetic service. It has been a very trying time in my life. You brought me through it to a very satisfactory conclusion. The hearing before the Master was especially stress free. You attended to all the details with the other attorney. It couldn't have been easier.
Hopefully my story will serve as an inspiration to other people struggling with the same tough decisions I faced. I was married for 25 years. When my husband initially filed for a divorce, I wanted to keep it friendly between us for the sake of the grown children. I verbally agreed to accept what seemed like an equitable offer on my spouses part. We were even going to attempt to use the same lawyer. I would have taken a cash settlement and given up my home. I would have gotten no alimony. I didn't even realize alimony was available in Pennsylvania. I was under the assumption there was no way I would ever be able to pay for the houses upkeep and mortgage payments. I would have bought an older inexpensive home so I would have had the room for my sons when they wanted to be with me.

To my brothers' credit, they tried to convince me I was making a mistake. I agreed to see a Lawyer at Saltzman & Gordon. Lance, you also had to try to convince me I needed a quality lawyer. I need to stop trying to be my own lawyer. You insisted it didn't sound like I was getting a fair share of the assets. Still feeling guilty about not simply taking my ex's offer, I agreed to be represented.

There were extenuating circumstances that were not apparent at the time we decided to divorce. My sons would have never been able to tolerate staying in the same house as their father because of these developments. They would have lost their ability to live in the family home had I not gotten a lawyer.
My portion of the settlement included the family home. I also received enough funds to see me several years past the end of the mortgage. I had already had one year of alimony and was awarded and additional five. Incredible as it seems to me, I ended up with over twice what I originally thought to be equitable.

Perhaps the most satisfying outcome is this. When I was originally agreeing to what my spouse was offering, you repeatedly said that he was 'giving it to me'. He had earned the lion's share of the funds and he truly believed that it was his possessions to give. He stated he was being generous and I should be grateful he was still willing to 'take care of me'. My misguided attempts at trying to maintain civility by agreeing to the original terms did not work. With the legal divorce settlement, my ex has accepted the Court's decision of what is my equitable share of the joint assets. It's been far less stressed than it could have been. Financially, I have been able to achieve independence.

Thank you. Virginia"