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While there are laws against domestic violence in every state, Pennsylvania has some of the most effective and far-reaching legal remedies to ensure victims of domestic abuse are protected and provided for. One unfortunate result of such aggressive anti-domestic violence law is that they can also be taken advantage of in some cases in an attempt to secure an upper hand in a divorce proceeding. Potential consequences include but are not limited to: eviction from your home, loss of right to possess firearms as well as temporarily being denied the right to see your children.

Whether you need protection from domestic violence, or a domestic violence accusation, the experienced family law attorneys at Saltzman & Gordon in Allentown, PA will fight vigorously and aggressively on your behalf.

Pennsylvania offers a Protection from Abuse order (PFA) which provides legal protection for victims of abuse. They are issued by a judge and tell the abuser to stop or they will face severe legal consequences. A PFA order removes the person accused of abusive behavior from a shared living space / jointly occupied residence.

How does a Protection from Abuse Order Help a Victim of Domestic Violence?

A PFA can offer protection to an abused spouse or domestic partner in a variety of ways including:

  • Order the abuser not to harass, stalk or contact you or your minor children.
  • Removes the abuser from your home or apartment. Even if the abuser is the current owner of the property, they can still be removed.
  • Awards you temporary custody rights of your children
  • Orders the abuser to turn over any weapons or firearms
  • Orders the abuser to pay any reasonable cost from losses resulting from the abuse (medical care, relocation costs, attorney expenses, loss of earnings, etc)

Types of Protection from Abuse Orders

Emergency Order

There are cases where spouses need immediate protection when the courts are not open. If you call your local police department or 911 they can get you in touch with the magisterial district judge that is on-call and provide his or her contact information. That judge can provide an emergency PFA, which is only designed to give you protection until the court opens up.

Ex parte temporary PFA

"Ex parte" means that a judge is making a decision only based on the information that you are providing. So while it is also a temporary order, it provides protection until a full court hearing where a final PFA will be issued. If the abuser has a gun or weapon, the judge can order that the weapon is turned over to the county sheriff.

Final PFA

After both parties have had a chance to tell their side of the story, a judge can grant a final protection from abuse order. A final PFA lasts up to 3 years and can even be extended in certain cases.

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